Building Components

HWS Building Components

A structural building system that is easily constructed in a matter of hours!

HWS replaces conventional framing, house wrapping, roofing, and insulation with an all-in-one product. The HWS system is continuous, unlike conventional construction methods, and features R-values nearly double that of a conventional home. A barrier to the elements, our system is wind-driven rain tested – resistant to mold, mildew, and chloride.

    The composite panels are constructed with an extruded polystyrene core and laminate veneer. Each panel is four inches thick and assembled using polycarbonate connectors. Lighter, stronger, and more durable than traditional studs and sheetrock, the monolithic composite system forms the ceiling & roof system and walls that slide into the steel foundation.

      The panels, windows, and door openings are precision cut with high-pressure water jets. The HWS building system requires little to no alteration once delivered and is designed with ease of installation in mind, and can easily be installed without skilled laborers. The cladding and coatings are directly glued and screwed to the building system for ease of finish without finding studs.

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