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Backyard Workroom, LLC Collab

March 19, 2021

With the shift from working and learning in person to a world mainly working remotely, COVID-19 completely transformed how we live and work. This shift brought about the need for a change in how we utilize the space within our homes.

Dedicated to finding a solution, HWS partnered with Backyard Workroom to create an easy-to-build, affordable, and sustainable multi-use space to add to homes.

Backyard Workroom, a Texas-based startup by Eric Benavides, designs innovative prefab modular buildings to provide affordable spaces for people to work and play at home. This collaboration combines HWS emerging technologies and Backyard Workroom's extraordinary vision and patent-pending turnkey modular workroom to provide a revolutionary solution.

Learn more about Backyard Workroom here and see the full article about the HWS Backyard Workroom collaboration here.


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